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Health Science Society

The Health Students Society is a professional, not-for-profit organisation representing undergraduate students studying health-related majors at UWA. HSS is a student-run Faculty Society established to meet the social and educational needs of Population Health, Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Pathology and Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing major students.

HSS plays a crucial role in campus life and education of Health Science students. Our function is not only to represent and support our dedicated members through their rigorous four-year undergraduate degree, but to also enrich their lives in many different ways.

We organise and oversee a variety of different social and academic functions, which are a great way to make friends and interact with staff. Our role as a student representative body extends to all aspects of student political and academic life.

HSS develops innovations to better enhance the university experience of our students as well as improve outside networks and raise the profile of the Health Science degree to prospective employers.

Our aim has been to enrich the curriculum, create opportunities for students, and build linkages and community service.

We also collaborate, engage and create strategic partnerships with government, industry, community organisations and professions.

Committee Members:

  • President - Emily Bell -
  • Education VP - Sharon Ndjibu -
  • Admin VP - Tendai Ashleigh Moyo
  • Social VP - Sharin Attamimi
  • Social Officer - Zachary Rowbottom
  • Careers Officer - Ciyue Chia
  • Welfare Officer - Isabella Ambros
  • Pharmacology Rep - Rasa slam
  • Pathology Rep - Daria Buic
  • Medical Science Reps - Jerry Pang and Rachel Moody
  • Ordinary Committee Members - Zlindt See and Claire Perry
  • IPP - Deni Campbell

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