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WorkSafe WA

WorkSafe WA is the Western Australian Government agency responsible for the administration of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.


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The role of Safety and Health is to develop, advise on and assist in the implementation of the University's Occupational Safety and Health Program.

Safety and Health provides a consultancy service to The University of Western Australia's community, thereby ensuring the provision and maintenance of the highest possible standards of health and safety for all employees, students, contractors and visitors.

  1. Inductions
  2. School Safety Manual and Plan
  3. Contacts
  4. Evacuations
  5. Accidents and injuries
  6. Building maintenance
  7. Ergonomics

Safety inductions

All new staff and students should view the SPGH Safety & Health Induction powerpoint below. This provides school-specific information including exit information and assembly points.



UWA OH&S Induction Modules

UWA offers three online Occupational Health and Safety Induction modules. New staff will be expected to have completed this induction in their first weeks of employment. Current staff members are also required to complete this induction.

The induction comprises three modules providing essential health and safety information for staff and covering:

  • OHS Introduction
  • Managing Occupational Risk
  • Manual Tasks and Ergonomics

For further information, and to begin the induction please visit the UWA online safety induction.

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School Safety Manual and Plan

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UWA safety contacts

If you need attention or cannot contact anyone else call UWA Security on 3020.

In Emergency call UWA Security on 2222.

These numbers are manned 24 hours a day.
Telephones are available in all rooms and the ground floor entrance. 


Academic Services Team Leader

Karen Leckie
6488 1283

School Safety Officer
Karen Martin
6488 1267

First Aid Officers - Clifton Street
Julie Saunders
6488 1305

Jane Heyworth
6488 7370

First Aid Officer - Annexe
Nita Sodhi-Berry
6488 1312

First Aid Officer - Raine Study
Diane Wood
6488 6952 

Building Warden
Sheona Kaschula
6488 1271

Wardens - Ground Floor Clifton Street Building
Karen Leckie
6488 1283

Rosa Catalano
6488 2990
Warden - First Floor Clifton Street Building
Frank Sanfillipo
6488 1530
Warden - Annexe
Nita Sodhi-Berry
6488 1312

Warden - 55 Broadway
Paul MacMahon
6488 6875

Wardens - The Raine Study, 14-15 Parkway
Diane Wood

6488 6952

Jenny Mountain
6488 6957

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Evacuation procedures

On hearing the fire alarm, or when directed by building wardens to evacuate the building, leave the building by the nearest exit and proceed to the assembly area.

  • For the Clifton Street Building, the assembly point is at the sign by the gravel car park off car park 31 on Gordon Street.
  • For the Annexe and SPGH Computer Lab, the assembly point is the grassed area outside ALVA. If the ALVA alarm is sounding too, the assembly point is the same as for the Clifton Street Building - at the sign by the gravel car park off car park 31 on Gordon Street.

Evacuation instructions are posted on office and laboratory doors and in the School Safety Manual.
Detailed maps and safety procedures can be found in the SPGH Safety and Health Induction presentation above.

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Accidents and injuries

All accidents causing injury must be reported to the School's Health and Safety Officer, Karen Martin. A Confidential Accident Report form, available in the right column of this page, must be completed.

First Aid

The School's First Aid Officers are Julie Saunders, room 1.09 Clifton St Building and Jane Heyworth, room 1.08 Clifton St Building, telephone 6488 7370.  The first aid equipment is located on the first floor in the Tea Room and in the Academic Services Office (ground floorO

  • A wheelchair is available through the Academic Services Office.
  • Defibrillators can be found in the ALVA foyer on the Nedlands Campus and in the Centre for Sleep Science next to the Raine Study.

First aid assistance is also available with Nita Sodhi-Berry in the Annexe and with Diane Wood in The Raine Study. Please note that, in addition to the First Aid Officers, any medical doctor academic, and all Raine Study staff are also qualified to provide first aid. 
If in doubt and Julie or Jane are not available, contact SPGH Academic Services staff.

In the event of a serious accident or emergency, telephone UWA Security on extension 2222.
(This is 6488 2222 on external phones.) They will call emergency assistance, provide directions to the attending officers and will also attend the site themselves.
To contact UWA Security for a non-emergency, telephone extension 3020. These numbers are manned 24 hours a day.

For more information on what to do in an incident or emergency please check the safety and health website

Also check the Occupational Health and Safety policy.

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Building maintenance

All issues relating to building maintenance should be reported to the School Office to be passed on to the relevant authorities.
This includes torn or worn carpets, loose floor tiles (particularly in stairwells), damaged furniture, faulty lights or power outlets and the use of power boards and extension leads due to insufficient power outlets.


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Information on the correct configuration of computer workstations is provided by the Office of Safety and Health.

Training in ergonomics, computer workstation assessment and manual handling can be provided by contacting the Senior Occupational Therapist - staff and students are encouraged to seek advice on their office and workstation configuration through the School Office. 

For further information on Health and Wellbeing please check the safety and health website

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