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FHMS Service Delivery Centre - Finance

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UWA purchasing policies and procedures

UWA preferred suppliers

UWA Financial Services accounts payable forms for:

  • Expenditure declaration
  • Petty cash
  • Business travel diary
  • Direct debit authorisation
  • Foreign vendors
  • MasterCard
  • Per Diem and others
UWA Financial Services accounts receivable forms for:

  • Credit card payment
  • Invoice request
  • Customer creation/amendment and others

How to place an order for goods or services


  • You need a new purchase order (PO) number for every purchase.
  • You are not allowed to use the same PO number created for one supplier to place an order with another supplier.
  • Invoices from suppliers with incorrect PO numbers cannot be processed. This leads to unpaid invoices which can lead to suppliers blocking the account.
  • Please contact the FHMS SDC if you need assistance.

Purchasing process

  • Complete the online requisition form for a purchase order number.
  • If you have a quotation, please upload it to the requisition form.
  • The FHMS SDC will create a purchase order and send it to the supplier and copy it to you for your records
  • When the order arrives, you will receive an email.
  • All deliveries are to be collected as soon as possible from the building you specified on the online requisition form. It is your responsibility to collect the order ASAP.


  • The requisition form must be completed correctly otherwise it will be sent back.
  • Please supply item codes from the supplier’s website where possible and the full name/description of the product to be ordered.
  • If you do not put the item price on the requisition form, any price from the supplier will be accepted. If you state a price and a higher price is received on the invoice, the invoice may be questioned.

How to request an invoice

  • Fill out the Invoice Request form
  • The FHMS SDC will create an invoice and send it to the Customer.
  • Payment will be made into the PG that you have provided.

The FHMS SDC can assist you with any further inquiries about purchasing. Please email in the first instance.


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