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School of Population and Global Health
The University of Western Australia (M431)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 2193
+61 8 6488 1188
BA PhD Curtin
B.A (Soc Sci) Hons Curtin University of Technology 1993
PhD Curtin Univeristy of Technology 2001
Key research
Main Research Areas: family and domestic violence, including its health implications for women and children; support services for women and children; early intervention and prevention; and community and policy responses.
Other research interests: women’s health with particular focus on reproductive health, childbirth and chronic illness including cancer and the health impacts of caring.
Qualitative research methodologies.
Book Chapter
Sharplin, E., Fisher, C., & McGowan, W. (In Press) Understanding Equity in Health in A. Reid (ed) Equity and Education: Exploring New Directions for Equity in Australian Education.

Journal Articles

Strange, C., Fisher, C., Howat, P. & Wood, L (In press)Parenthood and social capital: Creating a village in modern suburbia. Urban Policy and Research.

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Fisher, C. (2003). ‘The Invisible Dimension: Abuse in Palliative Care Families. A
Review’ Journal of Palliative Medicine 6,2: 257-264.
Funding received
Criminology Research Council ($76,500) Chung, D., Fisher, C., Zufferey, C & Thiara R., Prevention of, and Improving Government Responses to, Sexual Violence in African Communities

WA Health Promotion Foundation, Healthway ($245,421) Isaac, M., Fisher, C., Battersby, M., & Lawn, S. Promoting Health Self-Management by People Living with Mental Illness.

Australian College of Educators ($20,000) Sharplin, E., Fisher, C., Forsey, M & Lee T. Equity Project 2: Equity in Education: Drawing on perspectives and understandings outside education.

WA Health Promotion Foundation, Healthway ($29,993) Fisher, C., Hunt, L., Gausia, K., Moore, A., Turnock, D., & Lumis-Jones, C. Domestic Violence in Mid-Life Women: Experiences, Intervention and Prevention.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia ($643,534) Jiwa, M., O’Connor, M., Girgis, A., Hughes, J., Shaw, T., Davidson, P., Wilkinson, A., Mullen , J., Fisher, C., & Halkett, G. Palliative Care in Community Pharmacy,

Lotterywest ($102,660-00). Fisher, C. in collaboration with ASSeTS. Understandings of Family & Domestic Violence in Emerging African Communities

Department for Child Protection ($30,000-00) Fisher, C., Guilfoyle, A., & O’Connor, M., Evaluation of I&IE SAAP V Early Intervention Outreach Programmes.

Health Department of Western Australia. ($10,000) Health Promotion Strategic Directions – Injury Prevention Guilfoyle, A., & Fisher, C.

Family & Domestic Violence Unit, Department for Community
Development. ( $30,312) Fisher, C., & Ryder, D. PhD Scholarships –Family and Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Substance Use Co-morbidity.

Canadian Institutes for Health Research ($20,000) Thurston W, Hunt L, Kaosar A, Kovindha O, Razakh, Fisher C: Characteristics of women’s domestic violence health policy communities in five countries

The WA Nurses’ Memorial Trust ($8,355-00)White, K., Cousins, K., O’Connor, M., & Fisher, C.,: Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Palliative Care Patients and Their Families: Palliative Care Nurses’ Concerns.

Telstra Foundation ($45,000) O’Connor, M., Sims, M., Fisher, C., Kristjanson, L., White, K., & Monterosso, L: Building Parenting Strengths to Enhance the Psychological Wellbeing of Families (Especially Adolescent Daughters) of Mothers with Breast Cancer.

Office of the Status of Women and Partnerships Against Domestic Violence ($55,000) Cant, R., Downie, R., Fisher, C., Froyland, I., & Henry, P: Evaluation of Perpetrator Programs for Mandated and Voluntary Participants in Western Australia

Department for Child Protection ($30,000-00) Fisher, C., Guilfoyle, A., & O’Connor, M., Evaluation of I&IE SAAP V Early Intervention Outreach Programmes.

WA Police ($40,000) Fisher, C., Ryder, D., Guilfoyle, A., O’Connor, M., Darby, Design, Conduct, Interpreting of Results and Report on an Evaluation Strategy for the “Fit for Life” Workplace Health Program.

Health Department of Western Australia. ($10,000) Health Promotion
Strategic Directions – Injury Prevention Guilfoyle, A. & Fisher C
Industrial relevance
Past Chairperson Orana House Inc

Member: Advisory Group on Prevention and Early Intervention of Family and Domestic Violence

Past Member: WA Department of Health Family and Domestic Violence Advisory Group
Health Promotion
Qualitative Research Methods
Practicum Coordination
Current projects
Chung, D., Fisher, C., Zufferey, C Preventing and Improving Responses to Sexual Violence for Women from African Communities

Isaac, M., Fisher, C., Battersby, M., & Lawn, S. Promoting Health Self-Management by People Living with Mental Illness.
Research profile
Research profile and publications

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