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Social Work and Social Policy Research

The Research Unit for Social Policy and Social Work draws together and co-ordinates research and consultancy activities relating to a broad range of social policy and practice issues. Staff and Honorary Research Fellows bring an extensive range of research skills and experience to the Research Unit.


The Social Policy and Social Work Research Unit is underpinned by

  • An applied focus
  • A commitment to participatory methods in understanding social problems and interventions
  • Working in partnership with organisations, workers, other researchers, professional bodies, community groups and individuals
  • An assumption that complex social problems require interdisciplinary research efforts to provide comprehensive explanations and develop effective interventions

The major areas of research are:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Gendered violence
  • Working with Aboriginal communities and individuals
  • The social, safety and health needs of children and their families
  • Community work and development
  • The development of eco-social work
  • Professional education and student wellbeing
  • Changing forms of relationships and intimacy
  • Homelessness
  • Collaborative models of service delivery

Staff have been successful in obtaining research grants from State and Commonwealth Governments, the Australian Research Council (ARC), non-government and philanthropic organisations and local government.

Staff are also involved in the reviewing of research through peer reviewing of national and international journal publications and research grant schemes.

Social Work and Social Policy Staff and Honorary Researchers are also actively involved in national, state and local bodies such as Advisory and Management Committees and Boards of Directors to influence social policy and current practice.

Consultancy services

We can assist you with small or large research projects involving:

  • program and evaluation planning
  • policy analysis
  • needs assessment
  • focus groups
  • instrument and questionnaire development
  • literature and resource reviews
  • curriculum development / writing
  • training and development programs
  • resource development and production
  • data collection, research project management, analysis and interpretation
  • report preparation
  • advice to relevant government bodies and committees.

To discuss your research project, please contact Assistant Professor Mark Sachmann:
on (08) 64882991 or

Professional development and training

The Research Unit is building its professional development and training services within the University and to external stakeholders. For your organisation’s professional development and training needs contact Assistant Professor Mark Sachmann:
Tel: 64882991 or


Professional-level fees and charges apply. Research costs and budgets vary depending on a range of factors including the expertise required, funding support available and fieldwork requirements.


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