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Lorili Jacobs

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Jul 2014

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Lorili Jacobs

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FIFO Pregnancy Study: Stresses and Successes. A mixed methods study of pregnancy in the context of Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO)


This study aims to understand pregnancy for women whose partners work FIFO (Fly-In Fly-Out ) focussing on interactions between pregnant women, their work and home lives, their expectations and experiences, in conjunction with the impact of non-standard working hours. Other investigators report that birth requires adjustment to FIFO partner relationship strategies, FIFO causes family stress and 3rd trimester stress is linked to adverse birth outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight.

The stimuli for this project were resource industry requests for executable outcomes from research and recommendations from the 2013 House of Representatives Standing Committee Report on Regional Australia. Study interviews and online surveys will ask about pregnancy events couples attend together (or alone), significant stressors during pregnancy, postnatal FIFO plans, what actions are needed by FIFO women to improve pregnancy. Women will also be given the option to take part in a FIFO community time capsule project “Message to my Baby about FIFO Life.”

Why my research is important

A key health care challenge is to understand the social determinants of health. This unique study is a first step towards recognizing and appreciating the stresses, successes, resilience and coping skills of pregnant women whose partners work FIFO (extended periods away from home working non-standard hours). FIFO community groups, pregnant women and health care providers have all submitted issues to be explored. Whilst there has been much research into the physical, mental and psychosocial health of FIFO workers there are major gaps in our knowledge of the psychosocial health of pregnant women left at home in a community with reduced support when their partners leave to work FIFO. Researchers, community and industry stakeholders may use the results from this longitudinal cohort study in future investigations or to inform health policy and workforce planning.


  • NHMRC PG 53211000
  • APA Scholarship (PhD)

FIFO Pregnancy Study

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