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Occupational Respiratory Epidemiology

Fireman with smoke behind, wearing a maskThe Occupational Respiratory Epidemiology group investigates cancer and respiratory diseases outcomes due to occupational and environmental exposures, in particular asbestos, silica and the aluminium industry.

Our researchers are dedicated to:

  • determining the occupational and environmental influences on the aetiology of disease with an emphasis on cancer outcomes and the contracting of respiratory diseases, especially in people exposed to asbestos, silica and diesel
  • assessing lifestyle factors, such as smoking, diet and physical activity, that exacerbate the risk of disease acquired through either occupational or environmental exposures
  • making a contribution to the body of knowledge of occupational epidemiology and to the development of policies that will help to promote a healthy workplace
  • providing evidence on which to build environmental health policies and increasing the base of knowledge of environmental epidemiology.

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