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Completed projects

Adolescent loneliness; qualitative study and conceptual framework
During adolescence loneliness is, to some extent, expected because at this time changes occur in social expectations, roles, and relationships (Martin and Wood)

The Impact of  Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT Program on Prisoner Wellbeing in Western Australian Prisons (Martin and Wood)

Treat or Trap
Exploring facilitators and barriers influencing the provision and consumption of healthy foods and drinks within the primary school environment.ermined barriers to health in a disadvantaged community.

Connected Communities
Exploring the potential of community centres for community-based health promotion activities and for reducing determined barr

Lean on Me
Exploring the relationships and social support networks formed within playgroups for parents and carers.

The ACTIVE Schools Project
Exploring the relationship between primary school environments and children’s physical activity participation while at school.

Rainwater text in NepalObjectives

The objectives of the HPRG are to
  • Contribute to the generation and translation of evidence about promoting health and wellbeing, particularly for disadvantaged populations,
  • Increase research capacity and capabilities in this area through research, research training and collaborations with stakeholders, practitioners and students,
  • Undertake research that can contribute to  current policy and public  issues that impact on health and wellbeing, and 
  • Develop connections with individuals, groups and communities across Australia, the region and beyond to improve health and wellbeing.


Some current examples of research interests of HPRG members include
  1. Women’s health (Colleen Fisher)
  2. Prevention of health disparities through intervention into the social determinants of poor health (Lisa Wood) 
  3. Vulnerable youth mental health and compassion-based practice (Karen Martin)
  4. Intra-familial homicide, sex offending, separation and divorce (Carolyn Johnson)
  5. Physical activity, parenting, adolescent health, health promotion evaluation (Julie Saunders)
  6. Family and domestic violence (Colleen Fisher, Carolyn Johnson)

 For a list of current projects please see staff profiles.

Examples of recently completed projects

Parenthood and social capital: Creating a village in modern suburbia (Strange, Fisher and Wood)

The relationships between trauma, psychological distress and dysfunctional behaviours in adolescents (Martin, Wood, Fisher)

Health professionals' responses to women's disclosure of domestic violence (Fisher)

Adolescent loneliness; qualitative study and conceptual framework (Wood and Martin)

The Impact of  Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT Program on Prisoner Wellbeing in Western Australian Prisons

The Importance of Long-Term Antecedents in Assessing the Risk of Familicide-Suicide Following Separation (Johnson)

Familicide-suicide: From myth to hypothesis and toward understanding (Johnson)

Engagement and Participation of Men in Mediation (Johnson)

Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between parenting style and adolescent girls' physical activity (J Saunders)

Domestic violence in midlife – Australia and UK (Fisher)

Evaluation of Healthy Relationships for African Families (Fisher)

Preventing and Improving Responses to Sexual Violence for Women from African Communities (Fisher)

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