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Current student supervision

  • Alison Roberts
  • Monique Platell
  • Denise Sullivan
  • Carol Orr
  • Marque Raymond
  • Angela O’Connor
  • Matthew Carter
  • Alana Papageorgiou

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The Health Promotion Research Group aims to promote and improve the health of populations by undertaking collaborative, quality research that is priority driven.

The Health Promotion Research Group (HPRG) includes a multidisciplinary team of knowledgeable researchers who are passionate about optimising health and wellbeing and preventing the underlying causal factors for poor health.  Our research tackles both local and international challenges to population health, and has a strong focus on research that is relevant to real world people and settings.

Working with local, national and international partners the team members have wide ranging knowledge and expertise. This is exemplified in their completed research encompassing social, physical and policy aspects of health promotion including;

  • physical activity,
  • adolescent health,
  • parenting,
  • overweight and obesity,
  • children’s play,
  • social capital and sense of community,
  • health of disadvantaged and marginalised women,
  • the impact of the physical and social  environment on health,
  • women's reproductive health,
  • mental health,
  • tobacco and alcohol prevention, 
  • intimate partner homicide,
  • familicide,
  • separation and divorce,
  • justice and crime,
  • family and domestic violence and
  • palliative care.  

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boy paddling in pond Within the team there is experience in a wide range of research methods including quantitative, qualitative and mixed method projects including;
  • exploratory research,
  • intervention research,
  • program evaluation, 
  • systematic reviews,
  • behavioural epidemiology,
  • community observation and participation,
  • research translation, 
  • state-wide surveys and
  • correlational studies.

Together, the team also has experience in completing research within a wide-range of settings including; schools, courts, prisons, community, hospitals, and developing countries. 

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