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Inspiration - art by Christina Mills.

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Davies C, Knuiman M, Rosenberg M. The Art of Being Mentally Healthy. BMC Public Health(2016) 16 15 1-10 Available at:
*2016 BioMed Central Highly Accessed Article 
*Paper in the top 1% of articles by attention internationally (

Davies C, Pescud M, Anwar-McHenry J, et al. Arts, Public Health and the National Arts and Health Framework. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (2016) 40 4 304-306.

Davies C, Knuiman M, Wright P, et al. The art of being healthy: a qualitative study to develop a thematic framework for understanding the relationship between health & the arts. BMJ Open (2014) 4 1-10.
* Paper in the top 1% of articles by attention internationally (

Davies C, Knuiman M, Pikora T & Rosenberg M (published online October 2013). Are arts settings better than sports settings for promoting anti-smoking messages? Perspectives in Public Health. DOI: 10.1177/1757913913502475

Wright P, Davies C, Haseman B, Down B and Rankin S (2013). Arts Practice and Disconnected Youth in Australia: Impact and Domains of Change. Arts and Health 5(3):190-203.

Davies C, Rosenberg M, Knuiman M, Ferguson R, Pikora T & Slatter N. (2012)  Defining arts engagement for population-based health research: art forms, activities and level of engagement. Arts and Health, 4(3)203-216.

Mills C, Rosenberg M, Lovering L, Wood L & Ferguson R (2011).  The effectiveness of youth audience participation, at dance performances, to promote the “Be Active” physical activity message.  UNESCO Observatory E-Journal, Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts Vol2 Issue 2.  Available at:

Mills C, Knuiman M, Rosenberg M, Wood L & Ferguson R. Are the Arts an Effective Setting for Promoting Health Messages? (2013) Perspectives in Public Health, 133(2) 116-121.



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