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It is clear that many environmental health problems cannot be solved using 'traditional' disease models alone.

Broader approaches are required to analyse interactions between humans and ecosystems.

We need to employ a multi-disciplinary understanding of the environmental and ecological factors that determine the frequency, temporal variation and geographic distribution of disease, as well as the exposure to elements and contaminants of both natural and anthropogenic origin.

We seek to improve population health through multidisciplinary research, risk assessment and provision of education in the field of ecology and human health.

Research areas

We are involved in three primary areas of research:

Other key areas are:

  • historical and current perspectives of ecological change and disease
  • health consequences of human population growth, urbanisation and industry
  • health and the disruption of waterways, oceans and coastal resources
  • global processes and health; climate change
  • health impacts of biodiversity loss and extinction
  • environmental change and vector-borne disease; infectious disease ecology
  • the future for Australia's ecosystems and human communities

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