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The Busselton Health Study database is held and maintained by The School of Population Health.

The BHS research staff within the School provide the following services associated with the database:

  • Provision of information on the contents of the Database and assistance with determining the feasibility of a research project using data from the Database.
  • Assistance with the preparation of a research design, data analysis plan and proposal for access to data to be submitted to the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute.
  • Extraction and provision of specified data from the Database following approval from the Busselton Population Medical Research Institute.
  • Statistical analyses of data from the Database for approved projects.


All services are provided at a rate of A$135 per hour (or A$600 per day) plus GST for programming and non-PhD qualified staff and A$250 per hour (or A$1000 per day) plus GST for services involving PhD qualified staff.

The minimum fee is A$135, except for simple queries of the database which are provided without charge.


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