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The UWA Social Policy Practice & Research Consortium undertakes social policy and research projects on all aspects of social policy and provides multi-disciplinary graduate and postgraduate research training. 

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What is Policy Practice?

Social policy is an integral part of everyone’s daily life and affects the decisions and choices we are able to make.  In Australia, over the years there have been numerous social policy initiatives that have targeted vulnerable and marginalised groups such as the unemployed, people with disabilities, single parents and Aboriginal communities in order to address inequalities within our economic system. 

Policy practice is considered to be the activity that social workers and other professionals engage in to propose and change social policies in order to achieve the goal of social and economic justice. 

This activity includes:

  • undertaking research in relation to contemporary social policy issues;
  • defining and identifying the consequences of policy decisions for those people or communities who may be impacted negatively by policy decisions; and
  • researching and presenting alternative policy scenarios or strategies.

training SWTeaching and learning

The UWA Social Policy Practice and Research Consortium provides a teaching/learning environment for social policy academics and students to work in collaboration with other organisations and communities to research, analyse and shape social policy decisions.  

Multidisciplinary perspective

The Consortium includes a multidisciplinary perspective to its research and teaching, and as such engages with community groups, business, government and non-government services to better understand the issues Australians face today.
An Advisory Board  comprising influential leaders from the policy field with a wide range of expertise provides advice to the Consortium.


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