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Our Field Education placements offer students a structured environment in which their classroom learning can be grounded, and where practice-based learning and theory can be integrated.

Students also begin to develop a sense of themselves as social workers as they learn to work within the professional framework of social work ethics and values.


The aims of Field Education are as follows:

  1. The development of students’ practice knowledge, performance skills and self-management.
  2. The integration of students’ applied learning within their practice setting with theoretical frameworks, professional practice codes, and research knowledge, which inform the profession.
  3. The acquisition of a working knowledge of the Australian and West Australian social welfare systems, and of the links between practice and policy frameworks.
  4. The development of students’ self-awareness, confidence and capacity for reflexivity and critical self-evaluation as practicing social workers.

A significant aspect of the Field Education placement experience is that it offers students a range of professional role models, in different practice settings, from a variety of professional disciplines.These working relationships are crucial for students as they begin the process of developing their own professional identity and practice style.Field educators are central to this important process, as role models, mentors and managers of students’ learning experiences.


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