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Graduate Certificate in Population Health Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Population Health Studies may be awarded on completion of any four SPGH postgraduate units in a five-year period - and can form the base units of a Master of Public Health.

Completion of any Seasonal School unit by assessment counts towards this certificate.

Teaching Period
2018 Winter School units
Unit Coordinators

9 - 13 July 2018

Health Program Evaluation

Dr Barbara Nattabi

23 - 27 July 2018  



Fundamentals of Genetic
Epidemiology PUBH5742


Dr Philip Melton

Teaching period

          2018 Summer School units

        Unit Coordinators

26 - 30 November 2018
         Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data PUBH5785

        Prof David Preen

26 - 30 November 2018

         Food and Nutrition in Population Health PUBH5804

        Dr Siobhan Hickling

3 - 7 December 2018

3 - 7 December 2018

         Aboriginal Health AHEA5755

         Economic Evaluation of Health Care PUBH5801 

        Dr Paula Edgill and Dr  Christine Clinch

        Dr Ian Li 


10 - 14 December 2018          Clinical Epidemiology PUBH5757         Assoc/Prof Tom Briffa

10 - 14 December 2018

         Advanced Analysis of      Linked Health Data PUBH5802

        Prof David Preen

Not offered in 2017:

  • Fundamentals of Genetic Epidemiology PUBH5742
  • Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data PUBH5802


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